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How to Use Our AC Estimate Calculator

  1. Answer the Questions as Best You Can

    Our 3-step AC estimator is easy to use and can be completed in under a minute. Simply answer the questions above to the best of your knowledge, then click “Get Free Estimate.”

    The more questions you answer, the more accurate your AC installation estimate will be. If you’re not sure how to answer a question, don’t worry. You can always schedule a quick free estimate with one of our experts!

  2. Check Your Email

    We’ll send you an email with your free AC installation estimate. The price will be a custom estimate based on the answers you provided. Most of the time, the email will arrive in just seconds. If it doesn’t, make sure to check your spam folder (this is especially true if this is your first email from Advanced Air)

  3. For an Even More Accurate Quote, Schedule a No-Obligation Free In-Home Visit (Optional)

    You can reach out to Advanced Air to schedule a free fixed-price quote by contacting us online or by calling us at (888)-853-5143.

AC Calculator FAQ

  • Is this estimate really free?

    Your estimate is 100% free, guaranteed. You’re also free from any obligation to install with Advanced Air. We simply want to give you the most accurate initial estimate possible to help you plan for your AC investment accordingly.

  • Will my estimate be the exact price I’ll pay for a new AC?

    Not exactly, but it should be fairly close! All estimates provided by our AC Calculator will be “ballpark” estimates based on a 14 SEER Daikin system. The price can change slightly depending on the AC brand and if additional work outside the scope of a standard installation is required.

    To get an exact total, one of our Comfort Specialists will need to come to your home and inspect your existing unit. From there, you’ll receive a FREE, no-obligation quote that same day. We’ll also provide you with different options that best fits your needs.

  • Can I select an AC that’s different from the one provided in the estimate?

    Absolutely you can. Although the price may be different from the estimate we email you.

    Your estimate is based on the price of a 16-SEER Daikin air conditioner. If you’d like to upgrade to a higher-efficiency air conditioner, please give us a call to set-up a free consultation with one of our comfort specialists. We have same-day and next-day appointments available for your convenience.

There are many factors that determine how much your AC installation will cost. Some factors may cause your actual AC installation cost to be higher or lower than the estimate you will receive shortly. The more accurate your answers are, the more accurate your price estimate will be.

The estimate you will receive does not include any ductwork, electrical or refrigerant line modifications needed.

The price estimate you receive reflects the estimated price to install a 16-SEER Daikin.

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