The Cost to Replace a Home’s AC Compressor in Florida

November 03, 2016

In Florida, the cost to replace a central air conditioner compressor can cost $2,375. That cost goes up or down based on these factors:

  • Size of the AC— AC sizes range from 1-5 tons. The larger the AC size, the more the compressor itself costs.

  • Type of compressor—A single-stage compressor costs less than a two-stage compressor. Learn more about compressor types.

  • The technician you call — Quality techs cost more than not-so-quality techs.

We know what you’re thinking: “That sounds pretty expensive! So...”

“Should I just replace the entire AC instead of the compressor?”

The answer: Most likely. Installing a new compressor may not be worth it since, on average, the cost to replace a central air conditioner in Florida is $7,300. So that $2,375 could be going towards your new AC unit.

Also, if your AC is 12+ years old, the average lifespan of an AC unit, you should consider replacing the AC unit soon anyway. Think about it this way: Do you want to put a new engine into a car that’s barely hanging on? A car that’s likely to have other parts break soon anyway? You probably don’t. The same logic applies to your AC.

So when would it make sense to replace the compressor?

Well, typically it makes sense to replace just the compressor when your parts warranty covers the cost. And, if your AC is young enough, you may even have a labor warranty from the installer that covers the labor cost. In this case, replacing just the compressor instead of the entire AC unit is a no-brainer.

“How do I know if my AC is under warranty?”

For labor warranties, you’ll have to contact your installer. 

For parts warranties, go to the AC manufacturer’s website and look for a way to see what the warranty covers and if it’s still potentially valid. Just Google “Is my (Brand) air conditioner still under warranty?” and you’ll mostly likely find the page you need.

Regardless of the brand, every manufacturer will need the AC’s serial and model numbers to check the warranty validity.  You’ll find these numbers one of your outdoor unit’s panels.  

Serial and model numbers on an outdoor AC unit

Now, keep in mind you may have voided the warranty if you have not hired a technician to do annual maintenance. That requirement is in many manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

That’s why we always suggest our customers sign up for our Cool Club Maintenance Agreement, where we maintain the unit twice a year. Not only does regular maintenance keep your warranty valid, it keeps your AC in great shape and can extend it’s lifespan.

Need more help? Contact a Florida tech for help

If you still can’t decided what you should do, we can help. Contact us for a second opinion.