How to Tell if Your Utility Bills Are Too High

June 19, 2014

We talk a lot about high-energy bills and how to lower them. But it can be a confusing issue – what seems like a high bill to you might be a great month to someone else.

Plus, we live in Florida. So our air conditioning bills are going to be much higher than others who live in northern states no matter how efficient your home air conditioner is.

So what exactly is a high energy bill for Fort Myers-area homes?

Unfortunately, we can’t simply answer this question with “anything above $XX/month is high” because it depends on where you live as well as the type and size of your home.

But there’s a tool that might be helpful. It’s called

What is is a website that connects to each of your utility company’s websites and pulls in the data to a central location so you can see how much you’re spending now and what the trend is over time.

(For those familiar with, does for your utility companies what Mint does with bank accounts.)

An example energy bill. You can see electricity usage trending gradually downward each year.

Compare your usage to your neighbor’s

Aside from seeing general trends and how much you’re spending, there’s a nice feature that lets you see how your bill compare to other MyEnergy users. This can help you determine if your bills are way:

  • Too high
  • Lower than others in your area
  • Somewhere in between

An example user’s electricity usage compared to other MyEnergy users nearby.

In addition to seeing where your energy use falls on the scale, you can also compare your usage month by month to other users.

A direct, month-by-month comparison of the energy use of two users.

A small caveat was acquired by Nest some time ago. And, since that time, their blog has gone missing and their support forums don’t seem to be updated. So the website may be on its last leg. Even still, it has some nice features that might be worth taking advantage of while it’s still up and running.

Need help reducing your energy bills?

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