4 Surprising Ways to Void Your AC Warranty

August 28, 2018

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When your AC breaks down, you want to rely on your AC manufacturer warranty to help with the cost of repairing or replacing any broken parts.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can make it really easy to void an AC parts warranty, which means you could be left paying full-price for your repair.

So to help reduce the surprise when you get the repair bill, we’ll share 4 surprising ways you can void your AC warranty.

  1. Failing to register your warranty within 90 days of installation

  2. Using off-brand replacement parts

  3. Neglecting regular maintenance

  4. Not keeping records of repair and maintenance

Let’s go into detail about each of these ways...

#1: Failing to register your warranty within 90 days of installation

When you buy a new AC system, most manufacturers require that you register your new AC with the manufacturer within 90 days from the date your AC was installed. You typically register online or by mail, depending on the manufacturer.

If you don’t register your AC within 90 days, the manufacturer may not honor your parts warranty when you need an AC repair. Most unregistered AC equipment is only covered for 5 years, while registered equipment is covered for 10 years.

Note: When you purchase a new AC unit from us, we register your AC for you so you don't have to worry about it.

Additionally, if you sell your home, the new homeowner has 90 days to transfer the warranty to their name or else they’ll lose the warranty coverage. To transfer the warranty, some manufacturers charge a transfer fee (usually around $99).

When AC service is needed, most manufacturers will contact the homeowner to verify that the warranty is in the correct name.

#2: Using off-brand replacement parts

If a part breaks down on your AC, you may be tempted to replace it with the cheapest part available. Often, the cheapest parts are “universal parts,” which are designed to fit into any system/model/brand.

However, choosing an off-brand part comes with a cost: using off-brand, universal replacement parts could void your warranty.

So whenever something breaks down on your AC, make sure your tech replaces the part with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, or else the manufacturer may not honor your parts warranty. Manufacturers prefer OEM parts because they have been tested and proven compatible with the manufacturer's AC equipment.

#3: Neglecting regular maintenance

This is a big one. If your AC doesn’t get regular maintenance (at least once a year), then the manufacturer may not honor your parts warranty.

The reason is simple: ACs need to be regularly maintained to function properly. If an AC doesn’t get annual cleaning and maintenance, then important (and expensive) parts will wear out faster than normal.

Example of an AC warranty that requires regular AC maintenance. Source: www.daikinac.com

#4: Not keeping records of repair and maintenance

Whenever you get an AC repair or maintenance, make sure you keep all of your receipts.

When it comes time to use your warranty on an AC repair, you’ll need to provide the required documentation proving that...

  • Your AC received annual maintenance

  • You used only OEM (or manufacturer-approved) replacement parts

  • All repairs were handled by a certified professional

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