How to Prevent AC Breakdowns This Summer

June 08, 2022

Advanced Air’s highly-trained technicians will keep your AC from breaking down this summer.

The demand for electricity in Southwest Florida from June to September is about 20% higher than from December to March. Most of that increased energy comes from using air conditioning throughout the year's hottest season. As your AC runs longer and works harder to cool your home, you may experience breakdowns and, unfortunately, AC repair bills.

The good news is that you can do a few things to prevent AC breakdowns. To help you enjoy cool indoor temperatures without sweating through inconvenient system failures, let’s review four ways to keep your AC running efficiently all summer long:

  • Check your air filters
  • Keep air vents open
  • Clean debris off the outdoor unit
  • Get a professional AC tune-up

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Check Your Air Filters

It’s common for Florida households to run their air conditioning ‘round the clock in the hottest months. That can clog your air filter fast, so it’s crucial to change your filter routinely.

When it's clogged with dust, hair, and dirt, your air filter will block airflow through your HVAC system. Not only does this lead to inefficient operation and increased energy consumption by up to 15%, but it also may even cause a system breakdown. When your AC lacks sufficient warm air intake, it will strain to work harder than it has to.

If you’re comfortable checking and changing your air filter, keep an eye on it frequently— and especially throughout summer.

Not sure how often you need to change your air filter? Schedule AC maintenance with Advanced Air’s trustworthy HVAC technicians. We’ll let you know what type of filter(s) you have, when you should change them, and even provide recommendations for improved air quality if you’re interested.

Keep Air Vents Open

For your air conditioner to work efficiently and keep your home cool, air must flow freely through the vents. You may decide to close vents in rooms that get too cool or are unused, but that can create problems for your HVAC system beyond basic air circulation imbalance.

Air vents are designed to release pressure from inside your air ducts. When you close a vent, you prevent the natural release of pressure. Pressure mounts even faster and to more extreme levels if you close multiple vents. Just one closed air vent will require your system to work harder, which can lead to unnecessary AC repair bills and possibly reduce the lifespan of your system.

As your system works harder, your energy bills go up. If you close the vent to prevent wasting air conditioning in an unused area of your home, you may be shocked to find that you will spend more on your energy bill. It’s best to keep all vents open. You can also consider switching to a ductless AC system if you want to control the temperature in each room or zone of your home.

Does your home have uneven cooling even with all vents open? Contact Advanced Air for AC maintenance. We can identify potential problems that may lead to inefficiency in cooling your home.

Clean Debris Off the Outdoor Unit

It’s important to keep shrubs trimmed back around your AC’s outdoor unit.

It’s easy to neglect the cleanliness of your outside AC unit. While your outdoor unit does provide some protection for the components that keep your system operational, it needs cleanliness to control airflow. When vents on the exterior of the outside unit get blocked by dirt, plants, debris, or other objects, the airflow is compromised.

As described above, lack of airflow is a huge problem for ACs. When the summer heat picks up in Southwest Florida, the reduced airflow can lead to inefficient operation and possible breakdown.

To keep your AC functioning healthy and safe, keep any landscaping around your outdoor unit tidy and free of anything obstructing airflow.

If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your outside unit, contact Advanced Air’s highly trained technicians for AC maintenance. With hundreds of 5-star ratings, Fort Myers’ residents can trust us to keep their ACs in top-notch condition!

Get a Professional AC Tune-Up

The best way to prevent AC breakdowns this summer? Get a professional AC tune-up.

It’s not much different from taking your vehicle in for a routine oil change or fluids top-up. Your technician will evaluate every component of your AC system, checking for clogged filters, inefficiency, damage, and other signs of potential trouble. They can also replace parts before you experience equipment failure.

With most tune-ups taking an average of 1 hour to complete, it’s not a time-consuming process. But it is essential to ensure your system remains efficient and operational throughout Florida’s hottest months.

At Advanced Air, we make AC maintenance straightforward and easy. With our annual maintenance plan, we’ll help you avoid AC breakdowns with a complimentary tune-up per year. Members also receive discounts on repairs and services.

Avoid Summer Breakdowns With a Trustworthy AC Tune-Up from Advanced Air.

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