Cost to Replace Air Conditioner Blower Motor in Florida

January 06, 2017

When homeowners ask us how much it costs to replace an air conditioner blower motor in Florida, this is what we tell them:

The cost to replace an air conditioner blower motor ranges from $499 to $1875.

The cost of your motor replacement will vary based on these 4 main factors:

  • Motor type
  • Torque, speed and power usage
  • Motor brand
  • Other installation factors

In this article we’ll explain these cost factors in more detail and we’ll cover common air conditioner motor problems. Let’s start by looking at the factors that affect the cost to replace a blower motor

Factors that affect motor replacement cost

These are the cost factors that will determine the overall price of a new A/C motor:

  • Motor type: Though there are many types of HVAC motors, most air conditioning systems’ default motor is a PSC (permanent split capacitor). However, they are not the most efficient or controllable motors on the market. ECMs (electronically commutated motors) are an increasingly popular motor upgrade, but they are more expensive. ECMs are more energy efficient than PSC motors (70% compared to 45%) and don’t require as much maintenance. So even though the initial cost of an ECM can be high, the overall energy savings typically balance out that price in the long run. ECMs typically cost $1499 - $1875; PSCs are $499 - $625.
  • Torque, speed and power usage: Though motor construction may vary by type, all share the characteristics of torque, speed and power usage. As a general rule of thumb, more expensive motors will have higher torque (measured in foot-pounds), offer variable speeds and have more efficient power usage.
  • Motor brand: Some motor brands are more expensive than others. Common motor manufacturers include A.O. Smith, Manetek, Emerson, General Electric and Fasco. When you replace your motor, your technician will check your system or its user manual to determine if you have to use an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) motor or if you can use a generic replacement motor.
  • Other installation factors: If your blower is in a hard-to-reach spot, you might have a higher labor cost because it will take longer to replace the motor. Your technician could also find another issue in your system connected to the motors that needs to be repaired, which would also raise the cost.

Common A/C motor problems

Every year, we see these common A/C motor problems in the Florida area:

  • Low voltage to electric motor
  • Loose or broken electric motor wire hook-up
  • Bad electric motor control switch or sensor
  • Faulty electric motor starting capacitor
  • Worn or seized motor bearings
  • Noisy blower or blower running below normal speed
  • Dirty blower motor or wheel

If you have any of these problems, you’ll want to contact a heating and cooling expert for help to diagnose the issue and safely fix it.

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