Why is My Air Conditioner Overheating?

May 07, 2014

If your air conditioner is overheating and basically shutting down, it can be frustrating. Here are the usual suspects of an A/C overheating.

Your air filter is clogged

Air filters catch dirt and dust in the air so that it doesn’t get into your air conditioner and create problems. But if you leave your air filter in too long without changing it, you can create a whole new problem.

You see, all the air your air conditione cools is pulled in through your “supply ductwork”, which your air filter is part of. When the air filter is full of dirt, your A/C has a really hard time getting more air to cool to help reach your temperature setting.

Think of it like this – how much more difficult would it be to breathe if you had to breathe through a straw? It would take a lot more effort to get the air you need to survive.

This is similar to what happens with a dirty air filter – your air conditioner has to work much harder to get the air. This can cause it to overheat and stop working altogether (or just not cool your home very efficiently.)

The fix: Change your air filter.

Air conditioner is low on refrigerant

Another cause of your air conditioner overheating can be an incorrect refrigerant charge. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system, but it must be properly charged. If you’re low on refrigerant, your air conditioner takes longer to cool, which can cause it to run constantly and overheat.

The fix: Have a professional refill the refrigerant.

The coils are dirty

The coils in your air conditioner help transfer the heat from your home to the outside air (that’s how an air conditioner works). But if they’re dirty, this process is made much less efficient and can have a similar effect as a low refrigerant charge.

Basically, the dirt on the coils keeps your air conditioner running harder and longer. Even if it doesn’t cause the A/C to overheat, it costs you in energy efficiency so it’s definitely something you want to fix.

The fix: Have a professional clean your air conditioner’s coils.

Extra tip: Get maintenance twice a year

We highly recommend twice-yearly maintenance on your air conditioner (so does your air conditioner’s manufacturer and your local utility company). Maintenance keeps your A/C running safely and efficiently.

And, as part of this maintenance, we clean the coils, check the refrigerant level, and let you know if your air filter needs replacing.

Check out our maintenance plans to save even more.

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