3 Ways to Reduce Allergies This Spring

March 30, 2021

Are your allergies flaring up more than normal this spring? You aren’t alone. Millions of Floridians suffer from year-round pollen and ragweed attacks on their sinuses.

If you’re looking for solutions to help make this allergy season more bearable, we recommend 3 solutions:

  1. Replacing your air filter
  2. Getting your air ducts cleaned
  3. Installing an air purifier

In this blog, we’ll break down how these solutions can fight allergies and help improve your quality of life. Want relief ASAP? At Advanced Air, we offer same-day duct cleanings and air purifier installations. Call us today at (888) 853-5143! We also sell air filters so you can DIY replace yours.

Solution #1: Replace your air filter

When you live in a perennial pollen state like Florida, it’s important to replace your air filter regularly, preferably monthly.

When your air filter gets dirty, it isn’t able to properly filter out pollutants like pollen and dust. All the pollutants that the filter would typically siphon out end up settling onto surfaces and in your air ducts, which can aggravate allergies. The dust that clogs the filter combined with Florida’s humidity can also create a breeding ground for mold colonies.

Luckily, it’s easy to DIY replace your AC filter.

  1. Turn off your AC system. Before you do anything, this step is vital.
  2. Take out your dirty air filter. The filter should have a label on the side that gives you the size measurements. If there is no label, check your system’s manual or use a measuring tape for the dimensions. You can then buy a replacement.
  3. Insert the new air filter into the insertion slots. You’ll want to make sure you insert the filter using the arrows on the side of the filter.

If you’d prefer to have an HVAC professional handle your clogged air filter for you, our technicians can size your new air filter and replace it.

Solution #2: Get your air ducts cleaned

As we mentioned above, if your air filter is clogged, the dust and pollen it doesn’t catch ends up settling in your air ducts.

Typically, you can tell your air ducts need to be cleaned if your home is dustier than normal due to the HVAC system blowing the dust buildup around your home.

During a duct cleaning, the technician will thoroughly clean out your air ducts of dust and pollen, reducing the potential allergens in your home.

Solution #3: Install an air purifier

Modern homes tend to be airtight to insulate them for climate control, which helps reduce your energy bills. However, tightly insulated homes can impact your indoor air quality. According to the EPA, homes can have 2-5x the pollutant levels found outside.

Installing an air purifier can help reduce the pollutants found in your home, lessening the severity of your allergies.

The main three types of air purifier systems, in order of installation cost, include:

  • Media (high-MERV) filters: $. Media filters are installed inside your HVAC system and are a thick air filter that traps allergens. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and rates how effectively an air filter can remove allergens and other contaminants from your air. The higher the MERV rating, the more effective the air filter. You’ll want an air filter with a MERV of at least 11.
  • UV light air cleaners: $$. UV air cleaners are installed inside your HVAC system’s ductwork to eliminate contaminants before they enter your home’s air. The cleaners use a powerful UV-C light to render mold, bacteria, fungi and mildew harmless. For the sake of pollen or dander allergies, UV air cleaners are best doubled up with a media filter to catch both biological and microbial contaminants in your air.
  • Whole-home dehumidifier: $$$. Florida is a high-humidity state, which can increase the amount of dust mites in your home. If your home is chronically humid, installing a whole-home dehumidifier can remove excess moisture and dust from your air. Whole-home dehumidifiers are installed inside your HVAC system and allow you to control the exact humidity levels of different air-conditioned rooms.

Want to breathe easier this spring? Contact Advanced Air

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