How to Hurricane-Proof your AC with Hurricane Straps

August 31, 2016

Are you prepared for hurricane season?

As many Florida residents know, the period between August and October is considered the most dangerous time for homes prone to hurricanes, so it is important to prepare early in order to mitigate any potential damage to your home.

You can start by securing your air conditioning unit with hurricane straps. If you are new to these must-have, AC-saving tools, here are few considerations to keep in mind.

The basics of hurricane straps

Hurricane straps are durable strips of metal that secure your air conditioning unit to your roof.

These straps are crucial to anyone living in hurricane territory.

The good news is, if your AC unit was installed within the last few years, the chances are good that you already have hurricane straps connecting your unit to the roof because these precautions have been built into the Florida building code for several years now.

These straps are engineered to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 MPH and are crucial in preventing the AC unit from detaching or being lifted off of the roof by high winds and flying debris.

It is a good idea to inspect your straps to be sure they are up to par.

If you find that your straps are damaged or rusted, then it is important to contact a professional to have them replaced.

Hurricane straps are crucial for your air conditioner’s protection

Though the lack of hurricane straps during a storm probably won’t cause your air conditioner to be launched miles away, having your unit jostled even slightly can cause substantial damage, and there is always the chance that it could fly or fall off of the roof completely, which will most likely cause permanent damage.

We all know how crucial an air conditioner is during these humid months and losing it could be a major blow to your wallet, plus the time it takes to repair can mean that you could still be left in a warm, humid home without the relief that air conditioning brings to you and your family.

Other precautions to be aware of when preparing for hurricane season

Although hurricane straps are potentially the most important precaution you can take against storm damage, there are other considerations to keep in mind as well.

Check for tree branches, loose articles and other debris in the immediate area.

Since your unit is strapped down, you want to clear the area of hazardous and heavy objects that could potentially slam into it during the storm.

Install the straps and save the hassle

Installing these straps is not only good for the benefit of your air conditioning unit, but they can offer something that money can’t buy: peace of mind.

If you don’t already have these straps installed, contact a professional and see how this inexpensive and quick task can save your AC during this hurricane season.

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