Got Seasonal Allergies? 4 Insanely Helpful Online Resources

September 12, 2013

Spring is long gone, so why are you still sneezing and sniffling?

Fall has its own set of allergens affecting you and your loved ones in Florida. But don’t suffer - know how to fight back.

Here are 4 helpful online resources that can help you or someone you know who has allergies.

1) Allergies 101 from the Online Allergist 
For those of you who need a quick primer on allergies, this is your go-to page. It provides links for information on:

  • What an allergy is
  • Common allergy symptoms
  • Allergy diagnosis
  • Allergies in children

2) Weather Channel’s PollenCast
Variables with the weather can make a day OK or completely dreadful for an allergy sufferer in Fort Myers, Florida.

The weather channel’s PollenCast (pollen forecast) can show you a 4-day forecast of pollen in the air. This makes it easy for you to know when going outside won’t wreck your sinuses so you know when to plan your outdoor activities.

3)’s Allergy Alert App
The Allergy Alert app from is essentially the PollenCast in app form. It keeps you up to date with pollen forecasts and other environmental factors like asthma index.

There’s an app for iPhones and Android smartphones.

4) EPA’s 3 Strategies for Cleaning Indoor Air

OK, you’re inside. Your allergies can’t possibly act up, right?


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), your indoor air pollutant levels may be 2 to 5 times – and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor pollutant levels. These pollutants can severely irritate those in your home with allergies.

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