Benefits of a Ductless AC Installation In Southwest Florida

May 19, 2022

Want to know the benefits of installing a ductless AC in Southwest Florida?

A ductless AC system is just as it sounds; it's an air conditioner that does not require ductwork to disperse cool air throughout your home.

Unlike portable or window AC units, ductless ACs provide powerful cooling output while still not requiring the hassle of installing new ductwork. They also allow for room-by-room temperature control, which makes them incredibly energy-efficient.

The benefits of ductless ACs are plenty. To further explain how they work and why they might be a good option for your home, let’s review the following:

  1. How ductless ACs work
  2. The primary benefits of ductless ACs
  3. Ductless AC installation costs
  4. How to find a trustworthy installer

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How Ductless ACs Work

Ductless AC systems can cool individual rooms or zones.

Instead of a centralized AC that cools the entirety of your home through a network of air ducts, ductless ACs have cooling zones for each area of your home, powered by individual wall-mounted air handlers.

Like central AC systems, ductless AC systems are measured by BTU (British Thermal Units). The BTU of a system is determined by how quickly your AC can remove heat from your home in a single hour. The higher the unit's measurement or “size,” the more efficient the system and the higher the price.

For decades, ductless AC systems have been used nationwide, especially in Southern environments. It can be pretty costly to cool your entire house when it is constantly hot. Having the ability to modulate with a ductless AC system and control which rooms to cool to fit your daily needs is affordable and efficient.

They come in many types, but the most common is the ductless mini-split pump. It uses refrigerant lines to move and pull heat between the indoor AC and its (usually outside) unit. A chemical agent called refrigerant cools the warm air pulled in by the AC and is pumped to each independent indoor unit, where it adjusts to each room's unique temperature settings.

The Primary Benefits of Ductless ACs

Leaky ductwork can cause a 20-30% loss of cool air.

The number one benefit of a ductless AC is its efficiency. With each room having independent cooling and heating ability, optimal comfort for everyone in your home is available. You can choose to cool only one room where you spend the most time, thus becoming more energy efficient and cost effective. And it does so with up to four indoor units connected to one outdoor unit, without the need for potentially flawed ductwork.

Another benefit is that because ductless ACs do not connect to internal ducts, there is no loss of cooled air due to ductwork problems. In contrast, central AC units lose around 20%-30% of their cooled air due to damaged or poorly sealed, aging, or insufficiently sized ductwork.

Ductless AC Installation Costs

Depending on how many rooms you want to be cooled, your installation costs will change.

It’s important to remember the cost benefits of switching to or installing a ductless AC system. While ductless AC costs around $4,200 in Southwest Florida, installing one can reduce high energy bills and be an efficient way to keep your home cool. Over time, the long-term benefits of investing in one can save you thousands by keeping you comfortable at an affordable operating cost.

Other factors that can impact a ductless AC installation’s costs are:

  1. The installation cost goes up with the number of rooms you want to be cooled. Each room will need its own unit, so the more rooms you want to have cooled, the higher the cost.
  2. Depending on your home's material and age, it may require modifications to accommodate a new ductless AC system. These modifications include drilling certain types of holes for refrigerant lines or upgrading your electrical system.
  3. Different ductless AC brands have different levels of efficiency. Ductless AC efficiency is measured by a SEER rating, also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system and the more expensive the system will be to purchase and install.

How to Find A Trustworthy Installer

EnergyStar’s ductless AC product finder can help you find the right ductless AC model for your home. / Source: EnergyStar

So, what are some good and reliable brands you can consider when shopping for your new ductless AC system, and who can you trust to install them?

An ENERGY STAR-certified model is recommended. ENERGY STAR’s certified list is a great place to start, with consultation and recommendation from an HVAC technician. You can search based on the specific brand, the SEER rating, or the BTU output based on the needs of your home.

After you look for a ductless AC brand or model you might want to install, contact an HVAC technician for an installation quote. It is also important to note that a more experienced technician may have higher prices but has more knowledge and understanding of your new ductless AC system.

We always suggest keeping in mind three key factors when choosing your technician for the job:

  1. Verify that the contractor is licensed and insured in Florida
  2. Make sure the contractor offers a free estimate and upfront pricing in writing
  3. Check that the company has good customer services reviews on places such as Google or Facebook

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