How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost in Florida?

April 01, 2024

Wondering how much it costs to clean air ducts in Florida? Typically, homeowners pay between $500 and $700.

Cleaning your air ducts improves the quality of air in your home. It may reduce health complications in those with asthma and allergies while also reducing the time you spend dusting and cleaning surfaces. Often, it is worth the investment in air duct cleaning to reap these and other benefits.

The cost of air duct cleaning in Florida is dependent on a few key things, including:

  • The size of your home
  • The location of your ducts
  • How dirty your ducts are
  • The contractor you hire

Choosing to have your air ducts cleaned can help minimize a variety of problems with your home's heating and cooling system. It may reduce your energy costs and offset your home's HVAC repair costs, making this investment a wise one.

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Size of Your Home

A larger home will have more ductwork, which increases air duct cleaning costs. Most homes should have a whole-house air duct cleaning, which means all vents should be accessed and cleaned. This service will provide the best overall level of cleanliness.

Since the cost of cleaning your air ducts is dependent on how long the job will take, the more ducts there are, the longer the process takes. Keep in mind that you are not charged per duct or vent but based on the home's square footage in most cases.

Still, a smaller home with fewer vents running throughout takes a shorter period to clean, lowering the overall cost. Make sure to consider all home additions and attic spaces as well. That can increase costs.

How Dirty Your Air Ducts Are

If you have your air ducts cleaned once every year or every other year, they are less likely to have debris built up. That means the job is done faster, and you're less likely to have to worry about a higher price.

However, ducts are more likely to be dirty if you have pets or live in an area where there has been a significant amount of landscaping or renovation work done. That's going to mean more dust is in the air and more that can build up in your home. If your home's ducts haven't been cleaned ever, that could mean your initial investment may be a bit higher. However, after that, costs could be a bit lower with routine cleaning.

Accessibility of Your Ductwork

Duct systems run through all heated and cooled areas of the home. All of those ducts need to be cleaned to improve air quality. The harder-to-reach ducts are a bit more challenging and will take longer to clean.

If your ducts are visible and easy to access and aren't completely covered up in your home's living spaces, that makes the job more efficient. However, if the ducts are in your attic spaces, crawl spaces, or basements, it may be a bit more challenging to get those cleaned properly. That could add a bit more time to the process.

The HVAC Contractor You Hire

Also, note that costs vary significantly from one company to the next. It's always a good idea to choose an experienced and trusted professional to do this type of work for you. If a company offers a very low price, that could mean they are not going to do a thorough job, or they may not have the equipment to do the work properly.

Take the time to research the contractor to learn as much as you can about who they are and what they offer. Get their license information, determine if they are properly bonded and insured, and read reviews. The more you know about the air duct cleaning company and the work quality they provide, the better. They should also be willing to offer an upfront price for any work needed.

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